Day 6: Responsibility for the Gift of Faith

Samaritan Woman at the WellWord of God: Acts 23:1-11

Reflection: How do you “get” faith? Why do some people “have” it and others don’t? Faith comes from a personal encounter with God, which usually begins with hearing the Word of God… The Word of God travels from the ear to the heart, and here within the heart, a miracle of faith takes place – the encounter of God with a human person… If a person freely accepts this Word they are transformed by joy – the trademark of Christian faith!

Quote for the Day: A living faith in a short time becomes for the Christian, who possess it, more precious than gold or silver. This faith is so sweet, and brings such comfort and joy; so much so, that a disciple of Christ is ready to give up one’s life so as not to lose his faith. – Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Meaning of the Gift of Faith: If someone asked me what I believe how would I respond? Right now could I give a convincing defense of my faith or do I need to look into it more so that I’ll be able to do that?

Prayer: The blessed preachers of Christ received the torch of the Holy Spirit; they spoke with divine inspiration, using few words, but rich in meaning. They proclaimed with boldness the doctrines of the Gospel and the traditions of righteousness. Clearly, they have been illumined with truth from on high; they have made firm the foundation of the faith as a strong mountain. -Sunday of the Fathers of the Nicene Council


Missionary Task: Before you can share your faith you have to own it. So first figure out where you stand – is church a family or cultural thing for you or is it your own? Take the next 3 min and 26 sec to think about while watching this reflection clip. Based on your conclusions what’s the next step for owning or sharing your faith? Choose something simple and do it.

Check it Out: Do’s and Don’t of Evangelization – Real World Situations + Slight Exaggeration = My Point Exactly.


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