Day 7: Readiness to Witness – Serve

oaChristWashingFeetIconWord of God: Acts 25:13-19

Reflection: When believing Christians give witness to their faith, even a non-believing or indifferent individual can understand and remember the essence of the Good News that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that He is risen, lives, and is present among us – in other words, that “God is with us.”

Quote of the Day: Learn to work with a spirit of sacrifice. For surely there will come a time where it will be necessary to give up everything, and become martyrs for our sacred faith, and perhaps to offer one’s life in sacrifice for the good of the Church and Nation. -Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Meaning of Personal Witness: In the present world how can I bear witness in word and through my example of a Christian life?

Prayer: Apostles, prophets, martyrs, bishops, venerable and righteous ones, having finished the fight well and having
kept the faith, you now have free approach to the Savior. For our sake, we beseech you, entreat Him in His goodness to
save our souls. -Troparion of Saturday


Missionary Task: Today life is always busy and we easily get caught up in our own personal agenda and self-interests. I challenge you to go out of your way this week and sacrifice some of your precious time in serving someone else. Whether it is taking the time to really listen to a friend, mowing your neighbors lawn, or doing some sort of volunteering with those who are marginalized by society, make a conscious effort to be Christ-like as you do it.

Check it out: Witness and service have to be personal and real. This campaignLiking isn't helping is a great depiction of the other extreme…

Liking isn't helping 2 Liking isn't helping 3


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