Day 9: Being Filled with a Missionary Spirit

three-holy-children-in-the-furnaceWord of God: Acts 28:1-31

Reflection: Our heart must reach out to this world, in our relationship with others, in our family, our town, city, our  country, wherever there is hatred, aggression, injustice, hate, impurity, persecution, that is, where there is sin. We are  the Church of the Risen Christ. We are, therefore, not merely followers, but missionaries – the ones who bring Christ to others.

Quote of the Day: In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples (see Mt 28:19). -Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel

Meaning of Sense of Mission: Do I share my experience of God with others?

Prayer: O Lord our God, for the salvation of the human race, you sent your Only-begotten Son and God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, look now upon your servants listed for baptism…. grant them at the appropriate time the bath of rebirth, the forgiveness of sins and eternal garments. Unite them to Your Catholic and Apostolic Church and number them as members of your flock. -Prayer for the Catechumens at the Divine Liturgy


Missionary Task: Have you ever had a deep discussion with a friend or family member about what you believe? Have you ever stood up against peer pressure in order to act according to your faith? We are swamped with opportunities on a daily basis to be ambassadors for Christ to the world. Try to recognize and seize one of those moments today.

Check it out: Fishers of Men Bait

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