Get Caught Up in the Music

Music_is_my_Life_by_LietingaDienaCan you imagine life without music? A movie without a soundtrack? Christmas without carols? *Insert own examples here* Yikes!

You’ve seen the Official Music Video for Happy right? Watch the hilarious but tragically awkward results if you take the music out:

Music Videos Without Music: Happy – Pharrel Williams

St. Vlad’s Camp Dilemma.

(Shout out to everyone working for Eparchial Camps!)

St. Vlad's Camp Staff

So this last weekend we had our counsellor training for St. Volodymyr’s Camp. (WAHOOO! 36 days till camp! And only 17 days till St. Michael’s Camp starts!) At one point we were discussing our camp purpose and trying to wrap our head around what it would mean to “provide an opportunity for youth, ages 8-14, to experience God…” Sounds great! … Umm how are we supposed to do that exactly?

I’m a fan of metaphors, so here’s where I borrowed Rob Bell’s idea…

Thinking of God as a song.

(This is just the trailer. If you haven’t seen the whole thing – Nooma 011 l Rhythm – its worth looking into.)

Basically, Rob goes on to talk about God being this dynamic song that people have been hearing for thousands of years across every continent. And everyone is playing along with this song whether they acknowledge it or not. Everyone is in relationship with God. The only question is whether or not they are in tune…

30 Second Theology “Recap

So there’s this fancy word that is used in music and in theology: recapitulate.

re·ca·pit·u·late [ree-kuhpichuh-leyt] : summarizing and restating the main points of something;  the repetition of themes introduced earlier…

In the Eastern Christian world this is talking about Jesus Christ as the New Adam. We can think of it this way… the Old Adam (Eve’s guy) tried to play the theme of the song but it kind of turns into an epic fail. The New Adam comes and nails it, drawing everyone to into the music and showing us how it should be played. Irenaeus of Lyon is the Church Father who started hashing out this idea. He said that the point of God taking on human nature was

“so that what we had lost in Adam – namely, to be according to the image and likeness of God – we might recover in Christ Jesus.”

Harrowing of HadesSo lets say that God is a song and playing the theme is living as the image and likeness of God. It’s expressing truth and love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Jesus is the perfect Image of God, his life is the perfect example of how to play the music. Our job is to be in relationship with him – to learn from him and imitate him.

Getting Caught Up in the Music

A lot of times at, even at Church, we get caught up in the things that don’t really matter. We get caught up in thinking about God or talking about faith instead of actually loving Him and living it. It’s like we spend a bunch of time studying sheet music and can’t be bothered to actually pick up our instruments.

Our St. Vlad’s camp staff agreed that we wanted to work on avoiding that trap by focusing on evangelizing through actions and attitude. Guaranteed, we’re going to mess up, but the point isn’t to be perfect, it’s to fall in love with playing and get others to join in…

It’s all about getting caught up in the music.

Life without being in relationship with God is as wrong as a music video without music. But imagine what  it would be like if  our relationship with God became the soundtrack of our entire lives instead of just a weekly band practice. Imagine what could happen if we let ourselves get carried away by the sound.



2 thoughts on “Get Caught Up in the Music

  1. ucfamilylifeoffice says:

    Sophia, I love the comment about Christ having “nailed it”! Life without Christ is a like the ‘eternal song’–music that our hearts long for. It is so interesting that the ‘soundtrack of our lives’ is filled with songs about the ache and longing for Christ,even if we are completely unaware that it is He who we long for (most often we are unaware). The longing persists however, the longing for happiness, for love, for fulfillment, and for meaning. Most often it is in the seeking for those things in the wrong places that is the cause of our personal agony of missing the mark (sin). The real trick of evangelization seems to be putting the longing and the fulfillment (Christ) together. God bless your work!

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