What’s Our Game Plan?

PA Planning

Photo: Participants of the Pastoral Planning Session in Prince Albert doing a think-outside-the-box exercize… with cotton balls.

Allow me to cut right to the chase!

If you are in or around Saskatoon, Regina, or Yorkton I want you to be part of a Youth Pastoral Planning Meeting!

I am looking for people invested in youth ministry in any way, shape, or form – pastors, young adults, parents, youth, and parishioners who want to be involved. If you are reading this you’re the one I’m looking for!!

Regina. July 15th from 5:30pm- 7:00pm.  St. Athanasius Youth Room. Afterwards please stay or join for the monthly youth Divine Liturgy followed by us all going out for ice cream or food of some sort!

Yorkton. July 19th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. St. Mary’s Golden Ager’s Room. Right after that is an informal hang out open to anyone, even if you don’t come to the meeting. Odds are this will involve free Ice Caps and donuts.

Saskatoon. TBA. (Details will be tentatively set by our paintball crew tomorrow night… it’s not too late to get in on that!)

Prince Albert. June 6th from 5:30-8:00. St. George’s K of C Hall. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


What are you getting into if you come?

We’ll be following the Pastoral Planning Process used for Vision 2020 because it’s awesome, but talking specifically about youth in your parish/city.

Basically we start with these categories:

  • The Word of God and Catechesis
  • Liturgy and Prayer
  • Service
  • Leadership and Stewardship
  • Community and Unity
  • Missionary Spirit

For each of those we touch on the following three steps:

1)      Count our Blessing: It’s easy to get depressed when we look around the pews and wonder if we’ve gone colorblind because everyone seems to have grey hair. This is a great reminder that lots of things are going right and that God is with us! We are the Easter people!

2)      Dare to Dream: Ever heard of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal? It’s a business thing that is about developing a dynamic vision that people are willing to strive for even if it seems impossible. We can’t fulfill our mission by thinking small when our faith is all about radical transformation.

3)      Evaluate/Prioritize: Often, this is the place in meetings where dreams go to die. However, this stage should be just as exciting as the last. This is where we decide what is essential to us, what we are willing to pour our time and energy into so that we move towards what we desire.

The biggest chunk of our time is spent on the fourth step…

4)      Design/Commitment: This is what it all boils down too; coming up with a concrete plan of action and having people commit to following through with it. Otherwise we can suggest the same ideas year after year after year after year after year after okay you get the picture.


Here’s how it panned out in Prince Albert!


This might sound abstract or overly ambitious but it totally worked in Prince Albert. Here’s the highlights:

Grid Pic

  • 9 participants
  • Average age =27!
  • Massive blank grid got plastered with tons of ideas written on obscenely colorful sticky notes
  • Taking time to play and pray during each step
  • Pizza supper break
  • 3 Action Plans specifying who, where, when, how, and why:
  • Action Plan 1 – Increase youth involvement in Divine Liturgy as ushers, readers, etc using Participation Schedule
  • Action Plan 2 – Meeting to plan 1 youth event a month for the next 12 months
  • Action Plan 3 – Collective Acts of Kindness: Youth led pastoral service initiative to respond to parishioners in need

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