Celebrating Our 2014 Grads!



Traditional hat toss

Hey Eparchy of Saskatoon! Did you know we have at least 23 Grade 12 Graduates this year?!


Send out your prayers and congratulations to:

Saskatoon Deanery – Maria, Alexander, Nicholas, Tessia, Cassidy, Eva, Katherine, Ben, Roxanna, Nicholas

Regina Deanery – Jesselyn, Chad, Nicoli, Lesia

Prince Albert Deanery – Katrina, Brittlon, Beth, Kailey, Nina, Bailey

(If you know of any others that are missing from this list, please pass on their names to me!)

In recognition of this huge milestone, and of the fact that these grads can now tap into everything offered by our Church for young adults, we’ve put together a little gift bag which will be distributed to them through their home parish in the near future.

A special thank you goes to the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate, the Sisters of St. Joseph, and SERENA Saskatchewan for their generous contributions!

My hope is that someone (possibly you!) continues this tradition in future years, so I decided to share a sneak peak of what these gift bags contain. There is lots of potential for growth, so let me know if you are interested in supporting this ministry!

Grad PacksGrad Letter 2014 Grad Letter 2014 2Card from Clergy





One thought on “Celebrating Our 2014 Grads!

  1. John Nicholas Starosta says:

    Glory be To Jesus Christ!

    Dear Sophia,

    You are doing an Absolutely Amazing Job! I Love Your blog and I really love all that you are communicating with our youth & our young adults of the Saskatoon Eparchy. Keep Up the Fabulous Work. You Really Rock,Girl. Thanks for Be So Encouraging & Supportive.

    I sincerely hope that you continue to blog about “Not Just Baba’s Church” faith issues and exploring deeper about our Ukrainian Catholic faith and our faith journeys.

    I think it is Wonderful what you are saying here, how you eloquently express it in real terms (with that Nahachewsky sensibility & humour 😉 ) and your Incredible Witness.

    Please continue Doing what You do.

    Congrats on your recent engagement to Jay Korban. Would love to hear more about your Sacred Story there & past experiences (studying in Ottawa @ MASI, part of the Welcome Home and Yorkton Redemptorists,, daughter of two Super-duper parents and sister of so-so siblings (just joking!), graduate of an unique Catholic school in PA, always a Best Friend with an Incredible bond to Jesus in the mixt and …… et cetera) . I realize that your fiancé is a seminarian so that too would be a joy to hear how our candidates need support in our Church and so do their Beloveds. Know what I mean?

    You have an Unique perspective and a lense that could focus more on how we can support those actively involved in ministry and love our Church.

    I compliment you again for engaging others to a more active involvement in our Church.

    God Bless You Abundantly. That was Super for the 2014 Graduates – A Truly Special Care Package in their Faith Journey and onwards. Bonus points for getting the priests to sign on too.

    God Is With Us!
    John Nicholas Starosta

    ps. Just a suggestion if you are in the area of St. Michael’s Camp or St. Volodymyr Camps – Great to visit and update folks about Camp experiences and how God the Creator is found around us.

    Also, please send us dispatches from Unity.

    Z Bohom!

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