Paintball Pictures!

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Paintball with Saskatoon young adults at Merril Dunes

Our group was so amazing that a list of honourable mentions is called for!

Fr. Taras – Master Strategist: “Okay, what is our plan?! Who is the leader? Who is the best shot?”
Ivan K – Comic Counselor: “I sense a flaw in this human shield plan, Fr. Taras…”
Andriy – Most Players Hit: Literally hit every player… even the ones on his own team.
Alix – Queen of the Cattle Trailer: Bounced a paintball off a tree to hit me around a barrel in defence of her castle.
Ivan D – Best Dressed: Totally pulled off the blue and yellow. Slava Ukraini!
Fr. Janko – Highest Ranking Officer: Once the Chancellor got into the zone, Andriy didn’t stand a chance.
Ivan S – Undercover Operative: He might look like he’s just taking a carefree walk in the park, but that’s all an act.
Adam  – Trigger Happy: The bane of the red team… might have something to do with the fact that he fired 1000 paintballs!
Nadia – New Recruit: Despite being one of the gang who had never played before, she got right into the game!
Fr. Ivan – Most Enthusiastic: What gave it away? The face paint or all the whoops and shouts?
Amalia –Tiniest Jumpsiut: Had to ask for a smaller size three times, but then defended the Swat Bus like no one’s business.
Joakim – Toughest Casualty: Deserves a medal for carrying on after taking a neck shot.
Marie – Squeaky Clean: The only one who didn’t smell like BO at BP’s thanks to her speedy trip home.
Sophia – Brains of the Operation: Okay it was Ivan S’s idea, and location credit belongs to Adam, but I try.